plantable seed paper place cards for wedding. In packaging on a white cut out back ground

Wedding Place Cards Wildflower Seed Paper 20pk

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Enhance your special day with these eco-friendly wedding place cards. Just personalise them with your guests' names to indicate their designated seating.

These plant-able seed paper place cards are not only oh-so-pretty, but also kind to the planet. After your event, guests can simply plant them in the ground and watch as they magically transform into beautiful poppies. It's a charming way to give your guests a special reminder of your big day when they bloom. Even the packaging is recyclable!

Lovely place cards adorned with dancing wildflowers, bringing a touch of whimsy to any event.

Plant me, water me and watch me grow.

Pack size: 20 place cards

1) Soak in water overnight
2) Cut into small pieces and place in soil
3) Keep in sunlight and water often

Product: home compostable
Packaging: widely recycled

Each card measures L5 x W9.2cm

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