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Travel Set Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Ear Plugs

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This Comfort Travel Set provides essential items for a comfortable journey, including an inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs. By the brand Navig8 this compact kit allows you to easily take on aeroplanes, buses, cars, trains, boats, and more for a comfortable travel experience.

This set is ideal for all types of travel and can be easily stored in carry-on bags and/or luggage.

The inflatable neck pillow offers ergonomic support for the head and neck, while the reusable ear plugs help block out unwanted noise.  Get the sleep you need on holiday or vacation. These reusable ear plugs for sleep are a universal fit and ideal for men and women. Block out snoring, talking, and other noises.

The sleeping eye mask is soft and comfortable, perfect for blocking out light and promoting relaxation.

The neck pillow and eye mask can be hand-washed to be re-used.


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