Sunflower Seed Starter Kit Gift

Sunflower Seed Starter Kit Gift

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Grow your own stunning sunflowers with our Sunflower Seed Starter Kit Gift! Simply sow our giant seeds between February and May and watch for beautiful blooms from June to October. Perfect for any gardening enthusiast or nature lover.

Included in this set are 5 bio pots, giant sunflower seeds, starter soil and labels. Why not have a Sunflower race? Label and name each sunflower to see who's grows the fastest. 

Instructions: Fill the bio-pots with soil. Carefully open seeds and evenly sow them into the pots. Cover the seeds with a fine layer of soil and place in a sunny location to create humidity. Bag can be removed as soon as seedling emerge. Water as needed, soil should remain damp to the touch. The bio-pots can be planted directly into another pot of compost or into the garden once the seedlings have been hardened off. Protect plants from frost. Support plant growth with garden canes. Sunflowers can grow over 2m tall.

After use, why not re-use the jute gift bag? 

(Jute bag) Product size: 10cm x 6.5cm x 24cm

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