Rainbow Flower Seed Bombs Bees 20 Pack featured in a box on a white backround

Rainbow Flower Seed Bombs Bees 20 Pack

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Attract our pollinating friends has never been easier with these rainbow flower seed bombs. No need to planting or burying in soil, simply scatter, water and grow.

These Bee Friends seed bombs are the simplest way to attract bees and other pollinating insects into your garden. Containing quality compost and a specially selected blend of native wildflower seeds. 

A fabulous way to teach children about nature, why not pop these in the garden together? Watch them sprout with a beautiful array of colours, who will be the first to spot insects? 

The mixture of seeds used to create these seed bombs have been designed to be the a magnet for pollinators. You can toss these bombs wherever you want and they'll sprout just about anywhere.

The tiny seeds are wrapped up in a peat-less soil mixture and moulded into round forms for protection against the outside forces and easy spreading throughout your chosen garden area as the balls gently fall apart.

Scatter from Spring to enjoy in Summer.

Presented in a colourful box, these seed bombs would make a wonderful gift.

Boxed measurements: 17.5 x 3.8 x 19.4cm

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