Quilting Ruler For Patchwork And Fabric packaged

Quilting Ruler For Patchwork And Fabric

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This quilting ruler is perfect for precisely cutting the straight grain of fabric to create fantastic quilt pieces for you to put together. This ruler is a transparent all-purpose ruler inclusive of angle markings. Accurately cut through multiple layers of fabric using a single stroke with the straight edge of this ruler. Super easy to use, this ruler ensures you'll get clean cuts every time! Say goodbye to uneven corners and wonky shapes and hello to perfect quilt blocks with a few effortless strokes. Plus, with angle markings and transparent design, this ruler makes measuring and cutting a breeze.

Size 6 x 12" ( 15.2cm x 30cm)

Packaged dimensions:

  • Height: 33.5cm | Width: 16cm | Depth: 5cm
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