PowerGlide 16 Ball Pool Billiards Set Full Size

PowerGlide 16 Ball Pool Billiards Set Full Size

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Crack a great break with this set of high quality 2 inch UK sized spots & stripes balls!

The pool balls are made of an absolute homogeneous material structure where the centre gravity is always in the centre of the ball. It is this material that also provides the balls with their durability.

The cue ball is designed to be slightly smaller at 1 7/8-inch, making it compatible with coin-operated tables.

These balls are produced with minimal tolerances, resulting in precise performance and a more satisfying experience for players using an entry-level pool ball set.

This set is ideal for both freeplay and coin-operated tables, featuring traditional American-style spots and stripes with numbered balls.

The package includes a 1 7/8-inch cue ball and the ball structure ensures an optimal rolling motion.

  • A set of 14 Spots and Stripes balls, plus a black 8 ball and a 1 7/8-inch cue ball.
  • All other balls 2 inches in size.
  • Pool ball materials provide a perfect ball roll.
  • Suitable for use with any UK 6ft or 7ft pool table.
  • Suitable for use on freeplay and coin-operated tables with white ball separators.
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