Neck Hot Water Bottle Plush Cover, Pink
Neck Hot Water Bottle Plush Cover, Pink washing instructions

Neck Hot Water Bottle Plush Cover, Pink

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Soft, warm and luxurious, this neck hot water bottle is perfect to relieve tension, aches and pains. Making a wonderful gift idea to get nice and warm this winter.
Neck hot water bottles help to decrease stiffness in your neck. By relieving the tension, you help increase the oxygen flow. Helping your muscles get the nutrients they need, promoting healing.
Applying heat is a great inexpensive way to get some relief. These hot water bottles not only help easing physical pain, but can help manage stress levels. Soothing stress-induced headaches and help you unwind after a long day.
Made of natural rubber, with a 100% polyester soft plush cover. Available in 3 different colours.
To use, do not use boiling water. Once the water has boiled allow it to stand for a couple of minutes before filling your bottle. Fill to a maximum of two thirds capacity or less. Pop around your neck, then sit back, and relax.
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