Large Garden Gonk With Floral Hat
Large Garden Gonk With Floral Hat

Large Garden Gonk With Floral Hat

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This charming Large Garden Gonk measuring 32cm in height will cheer up any outdoor space. This magical fellow is called Shaanbag and belongs to a clan of protectors of the Earth range. With many designs to collect, this garden ornament is the protector of flowers.

This playful character dons a whimsical tree-shaped hat adorned with lovely pink blooms. Dressed in a clean navy blue overcoat and polished black boots, he adds a touch of wit and charm to any garden path or shrubbery

Made from durable resin this garden gonk can be outside all year round due to it being rain and frost proof.

Gonks, also referred to as Tomte in Sweden and Nisse in Norway, have their origins in Scandinavian folklore and were believed to safeguard children and homes from misfortune. This Tree Hat Garden Gonk, whether you choose to believe the stories or not, would serve as a lovable protector of your plants.

This Large Garden Gonk With Floral Hat makes for a humorous gift for those who love collecting garden ornaments. It's perfect for a whimsical housewarming or birthday, and will also bring joy to dads and grandmas. The product comes in a colourful box, making it easy to wrap and give as a gift.

Shop now and collect the full set of Land Protectors! With many different designs available. Create a magical garden space with the full set.

Boxed measurements: 35.8 X 16 X 16 cm

Approximate measurements of ornament:

  • Approximate gonk measurements: 14 x 13 x 32cm.
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