Craft Cutting Mat With Angle Markings packaged

Craft Cutting Mat With Angle Markings

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Protect your work surfaces when using cutting or marking tools with this craft cutting mat. Unleash your creativity without damaging your surfaces! This craft cutting mat not only protects your work area, but also features angle and grid markings for precise and effortless cutting. (Plus, protecting your surfaces means less cleaning for you. Win-win!)

Craft away with our cutting mat! Crafting can boost your mood, self-confidence, and reduce stress. And it's not just for fun - research says it also improves mental agility, motor skills, and helps fight cognitive decline.

This mat measures 22 x 30cm for all your crafting needs.

Packaged  measurements: 

  • Height: 33.5cm | Width: 23cm | Depth: 5cm
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