Compendium of Games Over 50 Games 1 Box

Compendium of Games Over 50 Games 1 Box

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Get ready for endless hours of fun with this fantastic set! Packed with over 50 classic games, including Jacks, Pick Up Sticks, Tiddlywinks, Ludo, marbles, snakes & ladders and so much more! With everything contained in one box, you'll never run out of options for family game night.

Get ready for some good old-fashioned family fun with this fantastic compendium of games! Whether you're gathered around the dining table or just looking for a break from screens, this one box has got you covered. Overflowing with a delightful assortment of classic games, this set has everything you need for endless entertainment.

Detailed guidance accompanies every game, providing plenty of chances for entertainment and involvement. Plus, there are some delightful detours that require no extra equipment. This all-inclusive collection allows for endless unforgettable family moments, ensuring everyone can join in and savour quality time together.

Boxed measurements approximately: 19 x 18 x 6.5cms

Ages 3+ due to some small parts.

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