Butterfly Flower Seed Bombs Bees 20 Pack

Butterfly Flower Seed Bombs Bees 20 Pack

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Spruce up your outdoor space with a wildflower extravaganza that will have butterflies flocking in no time! This pack of 20 seed bombs is a breeze to grow - simply scatter, water, and enjoy the beautiful blooms!

The simplest way to cultivate a meadow of wildflowers, these seed bombs are made with a blend of flower seeds and growing media. This promotes better sprouting and guards against pesky birds and slugs.

First, clear the area of weeds and stones, scatter in spring after the last frost for full bloom in the summer. Water the area well to help the bombs break down.

These seed bombs do not need to be planted or buried into the soil. Simply scatter on bare soil and let nature take its course. There is no need to prepare the ground, and can be planted anywhere, no matter how much room you have. Spice up your pots, planters, or borders with these 'easy grow' flowers that are sure to attract bumblebees, butterflies and other helpful pollinators.

Each pack contains 20 see bombs containing a blend of wildflower seeds in a ball of protective growing medium.

Scattering seed bombs in autumn and then again in early spring provides a longer flowering display for you and your

Presented in a colourful box, these seed bombs would make a wonderful gift.

Boxed measurements: 17.5 x 3.8 x 19.4cm

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