Bees Seeds Wildflower Butterfly Seed Mat Biodegradable

Bees Seeds Wildflower Butterfly Seed Mat Biodegradable

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Attract beautiful butterflies to your garden with this butterfly seed mat from Bees Seeds. 

Butterflies are in serious decline, but you can help! Increase the number of butterflies to your garden or outdoor area by planting nectar-rich wildflowers, and the easiest way to do this is using this butterfly mat. 

Made up of two layers of biodegradable tissue paper with wildflower seeds between them. Simply lay this mat onto prepared soil and cover with a thin layer of clean soil or compost.  This will suppress weeds and encourage germination of flower seeds in the mat. This versatile mat can also be used in containers and patio tubs. Just cut the mat to your desired length. For best results place in a warm, sunny location with good drainage.  

Research shows by planting wildflowers makes a huge difference to butterflies. With this mix of perennial, annual and biennial wildflower varieties, it will encourage butterflies into your garden.  

This butterfly mat has been scientifically proven to stopping weeds naturally without killing precious pollinators.  Providing them with the nectar the need during their important mating season. This seed mat includes Corn Cockle, Corn Chamomile, Dyers Chamomile, Cornflower, Mixed Knapweeds Corn Marigold, Corn Daisy, White Bedstraw, Sweet William, Hakweed, Ragged Robin, Wild Marjoram, Corn Poppy, Sorrel, Catchfly, Red Campion and Purpletop Verbena. (may vary slightly).

Planting instructions 

  1. Prepare and level the ground, remove any weeds and stones before planting. 
    (Mat can be cut down to fit area) 
  2. Lay the mat flat over the ground and cover with approximately 1cm of clean soil or compost 
  3. Initially water the area thoroughly to ensure the mat is soaked enough to activate germination. 
  4. Water regularly, especially throughout the warmer summer months 
  •  Plant:  February - June 
  • Flowering: Throughout the summer 

Further information 

  • Do not eat ornamental flowers or seeds.  
  • Some plants can be harmful if consumed or cause irritation if touched.  
  • Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly when finished.  
  • Each mat is 200cm x 50cm 

  • Please wait until the risk of frost has passed before planting.  


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