Bees Seed Bomb Gift Set Jute Bag

Bees Seed Bomb Gift Set Jute Bag

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This Bees Seeds seed bomb would make a wonderful gift for any garden enthusiast. Growing flowers couldn't be easier, simply scatter the seed bombs onto your garden, water and watch the blooms grow. 

The seeds used in these have been carefully selected to encourage important pollinators into your garden. Not only to help your garden flourish but also to help the environment too.  

Pollinators are crucial to the continuation of our planet allowing plants to fruit, seed, and breed. Developed in a peat-free ball to encourage fast germination and protect from pests and cold weather.  

Containing 35 seed bombs, displayed in a lovely jute bag.

You can expect to see varieties of flowers such as: Achillea Common Yarrow, Adonis Pheasant's Eye, Amaranthus Red Army, Bupleurum Shrubby Hare's Ear, Calendula, China Aster, Safflower, Cornflower, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Dracocephalum Dragon's Head, California Poppy, Gypsophila, Iberis Candytuft, Ipomoea Tricolor, Matthiola Stocks, Mirabilis 4 O'Clock Lily, Common Poppy, Saponaria Soapwort, Silene Catchflies, Dill, Borage, Coriander, Buckwheat and Basil (however, this varies between each seed bomb). 

Product size: 10cm x 6.5cm x 24cm

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