Bee Flower Seed Bombs 20 Pack

Bee Flower Seed Bombs 20 Pack

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These Bee flower seed bombs are designed with a blend of wildflower seeds that will not only attract bees, but also create a beautiful array of various flowers.

The seeds are encapsulated within a peat-free growth medium and transformed into spherical shapes to shield them from the elements and facilitate gradual dispersal across your selected garden space as the balls naturally disintegrate.

This product's seed bombs can be placed or scattered in any chosen area of your garden, making it incredibly user-friendly for gardeners of all skill levels. Simply scatter, water and watch the blooms rise.

Seed bombs are the simplest way to help wildlife and our pollinators. Simply scatter on bare soil and let nature take its course. No need to prepare the ground, plant or bury. They’re so simple, why not scatter some on your local walk or way to work and enjoy colour and scent and buzzing insects all summer long.

Each pack contains 20 see bombs containing a blend of wildflower seeds in a ball of protective growing medium.

The ideal sowing time for these seeds is late March / early April.

Presented in a colourful box, these seed bombs would make a wonderful gift.

Boxed measurements: 17.5 x 3.8 x 19.4cm

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