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Garden Furniture and inspirational ideas for small spaces

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family alfresco, then there are many garden furniture sets that would suit smaller spaces. Metal garden 3 piece bistro sets can easily fold away when not in use and come in an array of bright colours and more muted shades. Also, smaller rattan garden furniture garden sets can nest together when not in use and protected from the elements with an outdoor cover.

Pink Bistro Set Pink Bistro Set

Floral Botanical Cushion

Outdoor cushions, rugs, and pouffes will add colour and interest to a smaller garden space, providing comfort and extra outdoor seating.

Use containers

A great tip for urban dwellers is to choose an array of different-sized plant pots, especially for those restricted to a balcony or small courtyard. They can help add height and structure to small spaces. If you’re going for a more uniform look, choose one style of plant pot and colour but use them in an array of different sizes. If you like an eclectic look then, choose a mix and match colour pallet and different shapes and sizes.

Large Plant Pot

Using evergreen plants, liked box plants will not only help to add colour to your outdoor space but also add greenery all year round.  Also, if you don’t want a sparse garden in the winter, plant evergreens so you have colour all year round.  Grasses enhance smaller spaces by adding height and architectural structure whilst evergreen shrubs or trees both of which are hardy,  survive all year round.

A Living Wall

Creating a living green wall is no longer a new trend as many designers are now introducing this concept within urban structures and in garden installations.

Attaching a trellis or a structure to a wall one can create a vertical garden. As well as creating a talking point, this is a great way to introduce a diverse range of plants to a smaller garden. Introduce a mix of species including flowering plants, herbs, herbaceous perennials, grasses, and smaller plants create a textured showpiece and can encourage insects into the garden.

 Let the Garden Glow

Lanterns add a lovely cosy glow on warm summer evenings and cleverly positioned can create the illusion of space by using reflection.  Use a mix of different-sized lanterns around the garden and cluster them together in a corner and make a feature of a particular corner. Lanterns are more practical than tea lights as the glass protects the candle inside, LED lanterns are more practical as they offer a continuous glow throughout the warm summer evenings. If you want to add some festival fun, then add some decorative twinkling outdoor fairy lights and zig-zag them around the fencing or walls or hang them up high to make a canopy of light.

Rattan LED Lanterns

Festoon Fairy Lights

Squeeze in a Garden Shed

Even small gardens can do with extra storage for all sorts of items and bits and bobs . Small garden sheds and shelves are ideal for storing garden equipment and come in a range of painted options, materials and sizes. The smaller the nook, the more this will dictate the size you need but sheds have come a long way over the years and come in a variety of stylish designs.

Small Shed Grey

100% of our profits help provide our palliative, neurological and bereavement support.

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