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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Create a caption competition…

    Create a caption competition…

     pug and cat


    Can you create a caption for this cute greetings card?

    We are looking for a caption for this greetings card which will then form part of our new goods greeting's card range.

    The caption could be anything (within reason) and could be to do with any occasion – think birthdays, holidays, happy times, sad times, thinking of you and more – this is completely down to you!

    The competition is open to everybody and the only stipulation is that is must be under 130 characters (including spaces) and it must fit in the space either above or below the picture. Please use the hashtag - #suerydercomp to enter

    Do you have any great ideas?

    If you do, please follow and tweet us on either our Sue Ryder New Goods Twitter account - @SueRyderNew or on Facebook - using the hashtag #suerydercomp by Friday 18th July 2014

    The Prize:

    The winner will be chosen by the new goods team and the prize is a £25 gift voucher to use on our new goods website!

    So if you can think of something great to say on this card – we can’t wait to hear it!

    Good Luck

    The Sue Ryder Online shop Team


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  • 15 ways to spoil your dad this Fathers Day


    Fathers Day

    Fathers Day, like so many of our modern celebration days, was originally conceived in the USA as a compliment to the popular Mothers Day celebration (which has its origins in the church). See our Mothers Day BLOG for details.

    Interestingly, it was opposed for decades by the powers that be, for fear it would become a commercial opportunity for the big corporates and therefore loose its significance as a day of thanks (which has obviously happened - as these things often do!)

    It is traditionally a day to recognize fathers and a way of saying thank you for all the lovely things they do for their children over the year. However, it has become the norm to give gifts on Fathers Day, which is lovely in itself, but here at Sue Ryder we thought we would mix it up a bit and give some ideas for Fathers Day that go beyond the traditional gift - in to the realms of the more thoughtful!!!

    Basically - how can you spoil your dad with more than just pressies (but with a few little treats too - because everyone loves treats!)

    So here is a list of 15 ways to spoil your dad this Fathers day that will earn you serious brownie points for months to come!


    Sooooo... 15 ways to spoil your dad this Fathers Day

    1: Hip Flask - £4.99


    One of the most traditional gifts you can get, to stainless steel hip flask will go down a treat (especially if you get a bottle of his favorite tipple too!)

    2: Sports Mad dads...

    How about an early Fathers Day treat by giving him full rein of the remote control on Saturday night!  The 14th is the England vs Italy  game in the World Cup and kick off is at 11.00pm.... Provide a few of his favorite drinks and snacks and you will be his number one daughter for a looooong time!


    3: Service Bell £3.99

    For those of you brave enough to offer your services for the whole day, this vintage service bell would make a great novelty gift! Just give it to dad in the morning and he can ring whenever he needs something!

    *WARNING* Not for the faint hearted.... This product may result in desire to dispose of it in creative ways if dad dings it too much! 

    11396 service bell

    4: Make your own card...

    There is nothing more special than a home made card! We are not just talking about little kids either (although a home made card is a necessity for small children!)

    Grown up's can make cards too and trust us- it will be so much fun colouring, gluing and sticking you will have so much fun making it!  (Your dad will also hopefully appreciate the time and effort you put in.. we live in hope!)  

    5: Newtons Cradle - £2.99

    The ultimate retro desk accessory.... apparently the the pendulum sound in motion helps to aid creativity, focus and relaxation... just what every hardworking dad needs!

    If all else fails, it might send him to sleep and give you a break from the service bell above!

    11470 metal balance balls 600

    6: Pub Grub!!!


    (Image source BBC)

    They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach... so what better way to show you care than taking dad out for a nice pub lunch! He gets a nice pub dinner, and you don't have cook or wash up! Happy days for everybody!

    7: Frame a picture...

    Choose one of your favorite pictures of you and your dad (or your children and their dad) for a special, personal gift that he will love!

    In these days of digital photography, many pictures get lots in the depths of the computer and never get to see the light of day. A great picture, already framed is one of the best presents (in our opinion)... just make sure its a good one of you both because its bound to take pride of place in the house!

    11415 me and dad wooden photo frame Me & Dad Photo Frame £11.99



    8: Cook his favorite dinner, pudding or both! 

    If the pub option above is out for one reason or another... how about cooking his favorite dinner? Sundays are not just for roast dinners so it could literally be anything! Steak and chips, a big plate of spaghetti bolognaise, sausage and mash, treacle sponge and custard, banana split or even a pile of chips and dips with a beer! Anything goes as long as its his favorite.

    (If you have small children, get them to help too - although you might have to keep on top of quality control and hand washing to keep it edible!)

    9: Gift of Music - Ukuleles from £14.99

    There is literally nothing more fun than siting down with a Ukulele and having a a little strum.

    Choose a colour (maybe a bag too) and watch dad turn in to a big kid as he tries to play his favorite tune on it!

    Top Tip... If he channels his inner 'embarrassing dad' and tries to play a rock tune or something, be sure to film it to share at your next gathering, or even better - on social media to ensure everyone gets to share in his special talents! 


    10: Bottomless Coffee or Tea

    So if he likes his tea and coffee, how about a promise to keep him topped up all day? You could even get him one of these cool mugs too...

    Mugs from £3.99 - £5.99

    11619-where-there-is-tea-mug 11416 moustache mug 11620-smell-coffee-mug

    11: Sweets - £6.99

    Who can resist the lure of delicious sweets from their childhood? Think Fizzer rolls, Parma Violets, Love Hearts, Fruity Pops, Drumsticks, Double Lollies and Refresher Chews.... the perfect gift for dads who like sweeties... yummy!

    *WARNING - may produce 'Kid in a Candy Shop Syndrome'. If he refuses to share and eats them all in one go and gets a sugar high, send him to his room to think about moderation and sharing with others.... especially you! 


    12: Make your own car - £3.99

    The ultimate boys toy.... stand back whilst dad reverts to childhood to build this mini masterpiece. Concentration will be at an all time high and a seriousness atmosphere will fill the room during the building phase of this important project.

    *Warning - dad will probably want this displayed prominently somewhere after to showcase his master engineering skills. If you don't fancy this taking pride of place on your mantelpiece for years to come, you may need to identify an alternative 'special place' for it to live. 

    11395-make-your-own-blue-car 11395-wind-up-car-3


    13: Arts & Crafts with the kids from 99p (for dads with little ones)

    It's not unusual for dads to request 'me time' on Fathers Day, which is fine for a little bit ... BUT....  Fathers Day is a celebration of Fatherhood so we think that this means spending quality time with your little people!

    So for a 'special present for dad' why not treat them to a selection of arts and crafts? Lay out a table full of sticky stuff and paints and let them get creative! The children will love it and we are 99.9% positive dad will love it too...

    If you're stuck for inspiration, we have a great range of arts and crafts kits from just 99 pence!


    (Last warning.... arts and crafts may result in the appearance of 'competitive dad'. This will involve dad trying to out-do the children with his creations, and he will require lots of praise for his work... you have been warned!) 

    14: Call him...

    If none of the above is possible for one reason or another, then nothing beats a nice phone call with your dad.

    Remember that old BT advert where the daughter calls and her dad goes to put her on to her mum and she says no, she wants to speak to him? That's a really happy face he has there and sometimes its easy to speak to mum on the phone (women like to chat - funny that) and forget about poor old dad!

    We're sure a phone call will make his day and yours too!

    15: Remember him...

    Finally, if you have lost your dad, then Fathers Day can be a hard day all round. You might not be able to spend time with your dad, but you can remember him in your own ways...

    Conversations about him, funny stories, happy memories, a visit to his resting place, a toast with his favorite drink or something else personal to you and your family... are all lovely ways to celebrate your dads life.

    However you choose to remember him, we hope a little moment of remembering your dad brings not just a few tears, but also some smiles and laughter as you remember the happy times. 


    And to everyone celebrating Fathers Day this year, try and remember ... they might drive you bonkers, and they might still treat you like a child... but everyone deserves spoiling once in a while, and what better excuse than Fathers Day?

    Have a fabulous day from all of us at the Sue Ryder Online Shop Team!


    Competition - win these lovely prizes...


    We have a fantastic competition running over on Facebookto win lots of lovely presents for Fathers Day... all you have to do is:

    • Like our page
    • Share the post
    • Tell us why your dad is / was the best dad in the world!

    Good Luck!!!

    Whatever you choose to do, we wish all the lovely dads a Happy Fathers days! 

    The Sue Ryder Online Shop Team


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  • Handmade Competition Winners


    Introducing the winners of our Sue Ryder 'Handmade' competition...

    A few months ago we had an idea... we wanted to feature a collection of handmade products on our website and so our competition began.

    We held a competition on our Facebook page where we invited professional crafters to submit their products to the public vote.

    The ten products with the most votes went on to feature in a special 'Handmade Gifts' category on the website and they are on sale from today!

    We absolutely love all of the products and we are really excited to see them featured on the website!

    Meet the winners...

    And so in no particular order - here are the winners and winning products of our 'Handmade' competition... well done to everyone and thank you to everyone that voted! Also don't forget, 100% off the profit raised from the sale of these handmade items goes towards providing more incredible care!!


    Sarah Patterson

    Sarah Patterson at Thingamaboo has created the pretty cake bunting for the Handmade competition. She is a huge fan of cake and the bunting is one if her favourite things to make. Thingamaboo creates 'all things pretty' and specialise in wooden decor from little hanging decorations to large signs. Sarah is based in the East of England and situated right in between beautiful countryside and quaint seaside towns. Along with old movies, these places are where Sarah takes her inspiration from for her Thingamaboo creations.
    Cake Bunting 2

    ‘Sewn by Rachael’

    ‘Sewn by Rachael’ creates free machine embroidered pieces that can be customised and personalised.  Free machine embroidery transforms the traditional, sturdy sewing machine into a fluid ‘Etch-a-sketch’, with continuous lines and the freedom to manipulate and glide the needle to create pictures.  I enjoy the drawing aspect of free machine embroidery and having never been a fan of colouring in, I use blocks of colour and pattern in the form of fabric appliquéd onto the scene.

    My inspiration comes from the world around me, with two young boys, I’m always out and about, seeing more things to inspire my work! I particularly enjoy collaborating with people to design their own commission and ideas to create a personalised unique piece of free machine embroidery.

    sewnbyRachael.daffodils (1)

    Yasmin and Siobhan

    We are Yasmin and Siobhan, two vintage lovers with nimble fingers and an eye for detail that has led to a growing collection of handmade and vintage items in our homes!

    We love being able to create something new from treasures we’ve found at vintage flea markets, shops or on our travels and so we set up Lost, Found, ReMade as the perfect way to combine our passions for vintage and crafting! We wanted to create items that gave a new lease of life to beautiful, but sometimes overlooked, vintage homeware.

    We lovingly transform gorgeous vintage china into stylish, one-of-a-kind cakestands, candles and clocks. We also stock vintage homeware including quirky dinner sets, retro glassware, mid-century tea & coffee sets and novelty vintage shot glasses!

    LFR Fragranced Candles

    Little Bluebird Boutique – Trudie Munn 

    It’s an absolute honour to be involved with Sue Ryder’s new handmade section – hopefully the Little Bluebird elephant bags help to raise money for a wonderful cause!

    Little Bluebird is all about making special things for special people – that means you! After becoming addicted to freehand machine embroidery (it’s like drawing with your sewing machine!!) Trudie found there was no limit to what could be stitched on to her products. Trudie likes making new things and trying new ideas on the sewing machine, so you’ll always find something you like.Trudie’s little four-legged helper in her sewing room is Murphy the Lurcher – she discusses all new designs with him. He thinks all of her ideas are great! Lots of Little Bluebird products can be personalised, so if there’s something special you would like just get in touch via the Little Bluebird website, or Facebook.

    Forget Me Not pouch

    Trimmed with Love

    I am a designer and weaver based in Haworth, West Yorkshire. Whilst studying Textile Design at Loughborough University I specialised in passementerie and hand-woven trimmings. This led me to design for an exciting new brand called Trimmed with Love.

    Trimmed with Love specialise in bespoke passementerie, in particular hand-woven trims. The art of passementerie is an age-old technique which we have adapted to fit a contemporary market. Trimmed with Love offer a range of trims, all of which are designed and woven in the long-established textile mill based in Haworth West Yorkshire.

    The delicate hand-woven garters are part of the Wedding Collection which includes a variety of beautiful hand-woven products. The designs were inspired by the variety of intricate patterns found on a collection of antique Czech perfume bottles. The Wedding Collection also includes items such as ring cushions and napkin rings. Our trims can be used to enhance the occasion with a high-quality, personal and co-ordinated finish.


    Fallen Chic

    Fallen Chic make gorgeous hand painted doors for decorations to add magic and excitement and aid children's imaginations

    Alex is inspired by her childhood, a love of fairies and of course her own children.

    Two tone Fairy 1   Pink Fairy 1   

    Emma Swailes


    Marie Holt

    I’m Marie, a freelance surface pattern designer; for a long as I can remember I’ve always dreamed of starting a successful independent business; creating patterns which people love and want to continue to buy. The inspiration for my work comes from my surroundings and the places I visit. I focus on three main patterns- bikes, boats and elephants, which have all been inspired from my trip around South East Asia; they were my forms of travel while I was out there! These designs have been printed onto various home-ware products and stationary items which have been handmade and hand screen printed in a range of sizes and colours.

    Blue Bike Lampshade

    Evie Milo - Milomade

    I'm a designer/maker based in Fife Scotland and the person behind the wonderful world of creative recycling that is Milomade. From my windswept, cliff-side studio I have created a range of original and unusual jewellery, stationery, accessories and decorations handcrafted with love and skill from salvaged silver, reclaimed copper, vintage buttons and secondhand paper finds. Many of my products evoke the nostalgia of our childhoods: the colourful treasures of our grandmother’s button box, the comics we used to read, the maps used to plot interminable family journeys. Even a simple silver teaspoon has a tale to tell. Did it stir the tea of a grand lady in a castle, or feed a baby her first meal? Did it lie forgotten at the back of a dusty drawer or sail the seven seas before coming to Scotland in a sailor’s pocket? If you are looking for something unique or extra special, something high quality that is meticulously designed and stands out from the monotony of mass manufacture, why not browse through the Milomade product range now and find a unique treasure or keepsake that speaks only to you and your memories. It may be an item of jewellery, eco friendly stationery, funky accessory or something to brighten up your home.

    Milomade-Button-Hair-Accessories-18 Milomade-Button-Hair-Accessories-60

    Powder Puff and Curly Whiskers


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