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  • Simple Decorating Tips for Students on a Budget

    Brighten up your room with affordable decor

    Let’s face it student accommodation can be pretty bland at the best of times, but with a few handy decorating tips, you can easily transform your surroundings into a dreamy new space, that feels home from home, won’t cost the earth and will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on all that University life has to offer!

    Creative Desk Space
    You’ll probably be spending some time at your desk, so if you haven’t got room for a traditional desk, then a simple solution could be a ladder desk, with built-in shelving. You can store your folders and books on the shelves above the desk and add a colour light, photos and plants to add some interest.

    Student White Desk

    Foldaway Tables
    If you’re stuck for space in your student bedroom then why not look at folding tables as a practical solution for small rooms, when not in use they can be easily stored away. They also add a decorative touch to any room in the house. They can be used for a multitude of different scenarios; TV dinners, storing books, used as a bedside table, serving drinks from the tray. They are also well priced at only £29.99.

    White Tray Table

    Cosy Corners
    Enhance your student bedroom with cosy soft furnishings like cushions and throws to add some home comfort and texture to your space. Throws and blankets come in all shapes, sizes and materials, but for the on-going autumnal months why not choose a gorgeous faux throw as an option.

    Faux Throw

    Nifty Storage
    If you don’t have room for storing clothes then consider investing in clothes rails which is a cheap alternative to a traditional wardrobe. Use every nook in your room and use storage crates to store clothes, books, toiletries, towels – they come in all sorts of colours and materials and are a cheap way of clearing the clutter and organising your belongings.

    Crates for Storage

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    If you can hang items on the wall then why not look at adding a mirror which can enhance your room by creating the illusion of space. Save even more space simply by using the back of your door or if there’s room, use a full-size mirror and angle it from the floor.

    Mirror Collection

    Picture Perfect
    Picture frames and chalkboards are a great way to keep notes and personal keepsakes close to hand but also make sure you stay organised and uncluttered. Multi-sized picture frame boards are fantastic for keeping all your favourite personal photographs in one place whereas you can write to-do lists on chalkboards, an easy way to keep up to date.


    Hook line and sinker
    Another top tip for keeping a small space neat and tidy is by using either single hooks to hang items on the back of the door or shelving with hooks to store books, files and other keepsakes. Wire storage not only looks fresh and modern but can also help you keep your room organised and doesn’t need to cost the earth either.

    Round Wire Shelf
  • Garden Furniture and inspirational ideas for small spaces

    If you enjoy entertaining friends and family alfresco, then there are many garden furniture sets that would suit smaller spaces. Metal garden 3 piece bistro sets can easily fold away when not in use and come in an array of bright colours and more muted shades. Also, smaller rattan garden furniture garden sets can nest together when not in use and protected from the elements with an outdoor cover.

    Pink Bistro Set Pink Bistro Set

    Floral Botanical Cushion

    Outdoor cushions, rugs, and pouffes will add colour and interest to a smaller garden space, providing comfort and extra outdoor seating.

    Use containers

    A great tip for urban dwellers is to choose an array of different-sized plant pots, especially for those restricted to a balcony or small courtyard. They can help add height and structure to small spaces. If you’re going for a more uniform look, choose one style of plant pot and colour but use them in an array of different sizes. If you like an eclectic look then, choose a mix and match colour pallet and different shapes and sizes.

    Large Plant Pot

    Using evergreen plants, liked box plants will not only help to add colour to your outdoor space but also add greenery all year round.  Also, if you don’t want a sparse garden in the winter, plant evergreens so you have colour all year round.  Grasses enhance smaller spaces by adding height and architectural structure whilst evergreen shrubs or trees both of which are hardy,  survive all year round.

    A Living Wall

    Creating a living green wall is no longer a new trend as many designers are now introducing this concept within urban structures and in garden installations.

    Attaching a trellis or a structure to a wall one can create a vertical garden. As well as creating a talking point, this is a great way to introduce a diverse range of plants to a smaller garden. Introduce a mix of species including flowering plants, herbs, herbaceous perennials, grasses, and smaller plants create a textured showpiece and can encourage insects into the garden.

     Let the Garden Glow

    Lanterns add a lovely cosy glow on warm summer evenings and cleverly positioned can create the illusion of space by using reflection.  Use a mix of different-sized lanterns around the garden and cluster them together in a corner and make a feature of a particular corner. Lanterns are more practical than tea lights as the glass protects the candle inside, LED lanterns are more practical as they offer a continuous glow throughout the warm summer evenings. If you want to add some festival fun, then add some decorative twinkling outdoor fairy lights and zig-zag them around the fencing or walls or hang them up high to make a canopy of light.

    Rattan LED Lanterns

    Festoon Fairy Lights

    Squeeze in a Garden Shed

    Even small gardens can do with extra storage for all sorts of items and bits and bobs . Small garden sheds and shelves are ideal for storing garden equipment and come in a range of painted options, materials and sizes. The smaller the nook, the more this will dictate the size you need but sheds have come a long way over the years and come in a variety of stylish designs.

    Small Shed Grey

    100% of our profits help provide our palliative, neurological and bereavement support.

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  • Inspirational Garden Furniture Ideas

    Decorating your outdoor space can be great fun and fills you with lots of inspiration when summer is just around the corner.  The high street stores are full of colourful and engaging ideas to spruce up your outdoor space, using new materials and textures, eye-catching colours and modular furniture solutions that can fit any space whether it be a small patio, porch or large garden.

    Our delightful and inspiration range of garden furniture seamlessly transforms your garden into a stylish space for you to entertain friends and family this Summer.

    Colourful Garden Furniture

    If you want to add some eye-catching charm to your garden this Summer then why not consider our range of contemporary three piece metal bistro sets, perfect for smaller outdoor spaces and available an array of delicious colours including mint, teal, and pink. Bright and funky, perfect for when you have friends over and want to offer them a nice cool drink. Priced at only £54.99 they are also incredibly good value.  Our fourpiece grey metal dining set is perfect for those who want to conduct some serious alfresco entertaining priced at only £119.99.

    Top Tip:  Most metal outdoor garden furniture is powder coated so to avoid any corrosion, do not scrub metal with anything abrasive instead clean with a warm damp cloth and store away in a dry place during wet winter months.

    Tropical Summer 

    Why not bring some tropical sun to your garden patio this summer with our colourful range of contemporary string garden furniture which includes three-piece dining sets as well as single benches and rocking chairs. The dense-weave string material is hard wearing, water resistant as well as very on-trend plus adds an exotic splash of colour to your outdoor space.

    Light-up time

    When the sun goes down but you still want to party, why not add some drama to your outdoor space, by using lights as a focal point. Outdoor lights can transform your garden into a twinkling theatre of luminous delight and don't require outdoor electricity, which means you can stay outside for longer during long hot summer evenings.

    For further information about our range of products please visit

  • Industrial Wire Storage Solutions for the Home

    In the world of home interiors, one trend that is really popular right now is Industrial décor,  mixing raw wire design with more rustic looking pieces.

    In order to keep our product range fresh and on-trend,  we've developed a collection of striking, yet practical modern Industrial storage solutions which should fit easily into any home environment.

    Our black free-standing nine drawer wire mesh storage unit can be used in the kitchen for storing plates, cups and saucers or could easily supply a great storage solution for the kids' playroom or bedroom.

    Our exciting collection of hexagon shaped hanging wall shelves come as a set of three in three different sizes or as separate wall shelving units in two sizes, medium and large.  They provide a perfect place for putting all your favourite keepsakes in one place and provide an interesting talking point to a hallway, bathroom or kitchen.

    If you want to add some light to your living space, then our metal storage shelves with handy mirror and hooks are great for hanging hats, coats or keys as well as illuminating darker spaces within the home.

    Our metal wire work range of magazine-style racks come with two, three or four holders and can easily be hung on the wall. The industrial style metal frame adds an element of industrial style to your office or kitchen - perfect for displaying cookbooks, magazines or books, whilst keep the place clutter free.

    Our unique industrial style storage units enable the user to store and display favourite items with flair.  All our products are competitively priced and 100% of our profits help provide our palliative, neurological and bereavement support. 

    For more information about any of the products listed, please visit



  • Stylish Stackable Storage Trunks for your Home

    Stylish Storage Trunks for your Home

    It’s a new year so one of our resolutions is to keep clutter at bay.  We’ve created a range of stylish stackable storage trunks which can be used anywhere in the home, either as simple display pieces or crafty vessels to store all sorts of things including clothes, books, and toys.

    They come in a range of colours and configurations, in sets of two and three in a pastel colour palette of soft feather grey or a mix of white, pink and grey in small, medium and large sizes with a choice of copper or chrome handles.  They are also stackable so that you can make the most of existing space in the home.

    Stackable Storage Trunks
    Kids Storage Trunks

    Price: £49.99 - £69.99

    For more information about our stackable storage trunks please visit our website

  • Great Value Christmas Gifts for under £10

    Looking for Christmas Gift ideas? Then you've come to the right place. Our buyers have been busy this year selecting this year's festive gifts which include some great products for under £10.

    Fox and Penguin Door Stops

    Meet our charming Fox and Penguin door stops with a grey herringbone tweed pattern. They not only look adorable but are perfect for holding the bedroom or sitting room door open and ideal for adding a stylish and practical touch to a room and only £5.99.

    Fox and Penguin Door Stop Fox and Penguin Door Stops

    Festive Cushions

    Create a cozy comfy feeling in your home this festive season with our range of cushions in grey neutral tones, featuring a stag, star and text illustrations as well as a lovely silver fox faux fur.  The subtle colours and silver tones will bring some on-trend sparkle into the home. They also make great gifts, priced from £7.99.

    Hot Water Bottles

    As the weather turns colder, why not snuggle up in the evening with a lovely furry hot water bottle.  Why not treat your friends or loved ones with these lovely Christmas hot water bottles with pom pom detail,  perfect stocking fillers, with either a faux fur cover or soft-touch cover made for comfort.

    Twinkling Lights

    Add some festive cheer and twinkling light to any room in your home with our range of  Festive ornament style LED Lights (which come without batteries). They will instantly give any room a cosy glow and look great sitting on windowsills, mantelpieces and shelves either on their own or alongside other Christmas decorations.  They also make fantastic gifts.



  •  Handy Hints for Getting your Garden Autumn Ready!

    Autumn is a magical time of year where the landscape colours transform from lush greens to beautiful oranges, flaming reds and yellows.  Let’s face it, the typical garden never looks that pristine in Autumn but now is the time to start to think about how to prepare your garden for the winter.

    Repair and Protect Fencing

    Now is a good time to start looking at how you can create a robust environment which will last through the winter months. Make sure your garden fencing is in good nick and able to survive Autumn’s strong blustery winds.   For instance, check the fence for any lose panels and repair fence posts now to avoid any potential problems caused by severe winter weather.

    Store Away Garden Furniture

    Over the past couple of years,’ the garden has become an extension of the home and people are investing more money in garden furniture and outdoor accessories. Don’t leave these items out in the garden left to the elements. You will find that metal and even barbeques tend to rust and become discoloured.  If you have a smaller outdoor space then why not consider small sheds or garden boxes to store items away. Also, consider purchasing protective covers for your furniture and outdoor equipment.

    Keep your Home Mud Free

    Don’t you just love it when your hallway is plastered with muddy footprints? One way to keep mucky shoes and boots at bay is to invest in a welly boot store, these can come in various guises.  Metal outdoor storage units or more closed storage cupboards as seen below and can sit outside all year long.

    Tidy up the grass

    Make sure that you keep weeds at bay during the Autumn months and keep the grass cut – although it doesn’t grow as fast as during the Summer months – it’s worth just giving it the odd cut now and again. Trim back perennials that have turned and also don’t forget to plant your spring bulbs; daffodils, for instance, should be planted mid-October just before the ground freezes over.

    Shed Loads of Space

    Sheds are fast becoming another “must have” garden accessory.  People are opting for custom made structures that can also double up as an alternative room.   Whatever size or type of shed you have, make sure your garden shed is in good repair and store away your garden equipment neatly so that you maximize the interior space.  Use hook or nails to hang tools from our introduce shelving to store items away.   If you have a smaller garden then why not invest in a compact shed, that would fit into a smaller garden space but still provide you with adequate storage.

    Log Store

    As many of us are now choosing to heat our homes over the winter months by using a wood burner or an open fire, preparing you wood in ahead of the colder months is a must!

    Storage that has open sides is the best way to keep your wood in good condition, as it allows the air to circulate around it. Log storage sheds are available in a variety of sizes so whether you heat your home solely using a log burner or just have the occasional fire you can be prepared.

    Having a wood store close to your home in a handy spot for topping up you log basket will prove to be a blessing on those dark nights. It can be hard work moving heavy logs from a woodpile each day and can mean several trips back a forth. Logs that are neatly stored close to your home will be far more ideal. Make sure that you have good access to your log storage and that it’s not obstructing any other paths or gates as once stocked up it will be in position for some time.

    For more information about our Garden furniture offers please click here.

  • Have Fun in The Sun

    Have Fun in the Sun This Summer

    The sun is out, the holidays are nearly here, what better way to enjoy some well-deserved downtime than relaxing in the garden, reading a book or enjoying an ice-cold drink with friends.

    Set out a space to relax

    Having an outdoor space to enjoy during those long summer months is important, not only for one's well-being but essential if you’re planning on entertaining.  There are many different types of rattan furniture sets available on the market so choose one that works for you.

    Rattan furniture can enhance any outdoor space and provide guests with a comfy sitting area. Corner rattan sofas that fit easily into an angle within the garden, make a stylish feature and can provide the homeowner with another “room” in which to entertain during the Summer.

    Rattan Corner Sofa

    Cube rattan dining sets are great for smaller spaces where chairs can be neatly pushed under the table and stored away when not in use.

    Bigger pieces, like corner sofa sets, are ideal for large roomy outdoor spaces whilst modular rattan garden furniture sets are ideal for those that want to add some versatility to the garden.

    Colourful Pink String Bistro Set


    In order to add that vital pop of colour a garden, think about furnishing outdoor spaces with colourful plants, rattan planters, and garden art.

    Stylish Rattan Lanterns

    Rattan effect LED lanterns are great for providing luminous glowing light throughout those warm summer evening’s, brightly patterned cushions can provide a welcome punch of colour when placed on rattan furniture. Colourful bistro sets can also help express a particular personality but also add interest to a garden along with garden statues, hanging baskets and gorgeous pot plants.

    Funky Bright Outdoor Cushions

    Enjoy your garden this summer and have fun!

    For more information on our products please visit our online shop

  • Spring Clean Your Home

    Now is the time to start afresh and clear out the clutter that has amalgamated over the past year.  As William Morris wisely pointed out, "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

    We have a range of great storage ideas that will help you keep your house neat and tidy. For instance, if you have a small guest room but do not have space to fit a wardrobe why not consider a simple hanging rail. We have two options available, both ornate in look and feel but they would not only enhance the space but also add some elegant charm to a room.

    Shoe Storage
    Vintage Style Clothes Rail

    If you need more storage space in the bedroom then why not consider our pair of pretty mirrored bedside tables with crystal handles. They'd definitely add some film star glamour to the bedroom.

    All products are available from our online shop -

  • Great Gift Ideas for the Home this Christmas

    Winter holidays are a time for family gatherings, delicious food, and festivities. But they’re also a time when people start thinking about home decor ideas, recipes, online sales, and Christmas gifts. Nothing quite compares to the excitement and thrill of the festive season!

    As always, a huge amount of planning goes into this event, and our buying team has been working closely with suppliers from around the world, creating a range of festive gifts, homeware, and decorations that will enchant and excite both young and old. Here are just some of the products available on the online shop for Christmas.

    Our charming whimsical wooden advent calendars are sure to become a firm family favourite, joyfully brought out year after year and brimming full of lovely gifts. Our brightly coloured and beautifully crafted wooden train advent calendar, will both enchant and entertain little ones this Christmas. We've also created a fantastic LED light up advent calendar in the shape of a house painted in white, which will add a magic sprinkle of Nordic style to the home.

    Following on from the popularity of our Christmas Boxes, we've introduced two new styles, one for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas Day, available in three sizes. This has to be one of our favourite Christmas items this year. Our Christmas boxes are made from sturdy wood, complete with solid lid, and they can be used year after year. Fill them up with all sorts of fun items; chocolates, DVDs, books, pyjamas, and toys. Kids will love the excitement of opening them up on that special day.

    Keep yourself warm and toasty with our comfy Christmas blankets with soft fleecy lining featuring two gorgeous festive designs (a grey tartan and traditional fairisle pattern). These over-sized blankets are perfect for wrapping yourself up beside the fire or throwing over a bed or sofa to add that extra special festive look to your living room or bedroom. we also have a range of festive bedding made from soft brushed cotton that would enhance a room and provide a striking talking point.

    If you're seeking to enhance your living and outdoor spaces with a cheery warm festive glow then our gorgeous contemporary LED light up signs, LED lanterns and Christmas lights will do the job. Our lanterns are available in silver, pewter, as well as antique white and, will provide that hint of sparkle to the home environment.

    For more information about our Christmas Collection please visit

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